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Grounds Maintenance

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean-up is essential in keeping your property pristine. Our crew will spring into action by cleaning any leaves, debris, and garbage as well as blowing out all flower beds and hedges, sidewalks, pathways, courtyards and building entrances. We also include collection, removal and environmentally-friendly disposal of any debris. In addition to that our crew is ready to power sweep, rake grass, and finally cut and trim landscape leaving a clean fresh look On the Green.

Power Raking

For thicker and healthier lawns it is necessary to power rake in Calgary between April 1st and May 15th. This will also increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, absorption of water, and maintain pest control.

Core Aeration

Grass roots require four (4) basic elements to thrive in our dry Calgary climate; air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer. Core Aeration assists with the absorption of these four basics by creating a pocket that allows a large flow of air to reach the roots increasing its permeability. Aeration also creates this large flow of air to reach the roots in order to prevent grass from poisoning itself due to accumulation of natural chemicals that are produced in each blade of grass.

Weekly Turf Maintenance

Weekly maintenance of your property will include cutting and trimming your turf, removal of any garbage in and around your property (including parking lots), as well as debris from trees and shrubs. We also offer our commercial clients a weeding service that will be administered bi-monthly to include removal of weeds and debris surrounding buildings, parking lots, islands, flower beds, and planters. In addition, following any service all properties will be professional blown clean including sidewalks, pathways, courtyards and building entrances.

Fall Clean Up

Once summer is over and we must say goodbye to our luscious green lawns, it is necessary to prepare our vegetation for the winter by performing a final cut and trim. Our crews will provide you with this service along with blowing out any flower beds, hedges, leaves and provide you with the collection, removal, and environmentally-friendly disposal of any debris.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

In order to ensure your property will be lush and green as well as weed free, it is important to apply and fertilizer three times during the summer season. Our crew will provide you with an application of a highly effective liquid fertilizer that is injected with weed control to ensure that your landscape will be lush, green as well as weed free.

Rough Cut Mowing

Acreage and rural property owners know the painstaking task of controlling weeds, brush and tall grasses. They also understand that leaving weeds and grass to grow in uncut areas will cause further weeds and undesired seeds to spread to your lawn and other areas of vegetation. Leave the pain to us, as our rough cut mowing service provides this service on your property including ditches, hillsides, driveway approaches, industrial building surroundings and empty lots.

One Time Lawn Cuts

Hosting a special event on your property? Needing a one-time lawn cut while you are on vacation? This service is designed with you in mind. We offer a One Time Lawn Cut service to land owners (acreages) and commercial clients. Please call to book an appointment.

Other Services Include:

  • Soil Cultivation and Edging Beds
  • Seasonal Tree Planting
  • Shrub Pruning and Shaping
  • Tree Removal
  • Parking Lot Sweep